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Hello family and friends,

Most people say, “I know I need to put my business in writing or my family knows what I want if something happens to me.

The truth of the matter your family really does not know what you want. If Your Wishes are not documented and signed a lot of unnecessary confusion can take place amongst family. People you may not want making decisions about your life maybe that person.

Live your best life by providing your family peace of mind by completing your 5 Wishes

If your are serious about how to take the stress and burden off your family in the event of an emergency, let me help you document your 5 wishes.

“Your Life, Your Choice, Your Wishes” Your Family Peace of Mind.

I will assist you by completing your 5 Wishes with you, answer the tough questions you may be afraid to talk about:

1. The Person You Want to Make Care Decisions When You Can’t . Responsible, Dependable, Honor your Values and Beliefs 

2. The Kind of Medical Treatment You Want or Don’t Want

3. How Comfortable You Want To Be

Pain free, Massages

4. How You Want Be To Treat You


5. What You Want Your Loved Ones to Know Love and Forgiveness 

Live Your Best Life, while providing peace of mind for your loved ones.

Contact me for more information 206.455.5318.

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