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Pre-Planning Services

Your Life, Your Choice, Your Wishes

Every life deserves to Leave a Legacy. Why not be intentional about yours?
Protect your estate from Probate. I provide compassionate consulting services to help you complete the process.

FIVE WISHES:   Medical Durable Power of Attorney           $250
  • The Person You Want to Make Care Decisions When You Can’t
  • The Kind of Medical Treatment You Want or Don’t Want
  • How Comfortable You Want to Be
  • How You Want People to Treat You
  • What You Want Your Loved Ones to Know
  • Funeral Planning Declaration (optional)
Financial Durable Power of Attorney:                      $250
  • Bank Transactions
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Government Benefits
  • Taxes
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Property
Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan: (through APASI)      $450
  • Lifetime Membership 24/7/365
  • Ease of one phone call
  • Coverage begins at 75 miles or more from legal residence
  • Worldwide coverage
End-of-Life Plan Development:                  Varies
  • Make decisions on Last Will & Testament or Living Revocable Trust
  • Outline Your Celebration of Life Service
  • Identify Pre-Paid Funeral Options/Final Resting Place
Notary Services Available:

Cydney Barnes
Pre-Need Consultant

Prices subject to change