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“In 1999, Joe, my husband and I pre-planned and purchased our funeral arrangement and final resting place. We also purchased the Travel Protection Plan, in the event one or both of us passed while traveling, our loved ones would not be responsible for paying for us to return home.

In 2004, my husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, a month later my mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, my father was dealing with dementia and then 9 months later my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage IV Cancer.

My mother-in-law was declining very rapidly. Joe was very sick and weak during this time. His siblings did not think it would be good to tell him she was not going to live much longer, but due to his pride and dignity I could not deny him of that information. Joe wanted to travel to Mississippi.

I agreed, based on the reassurance of having The Travel Protection Plan. In the event, Joe passed in Mississippi, only one phone call would need to be made. The cost of arrangements and traveling would be covered.

I would not have to come out-of-pocket with thousands of dollars, nor worry about making out-of-state funeral and transportation arrangements to transport the remains back home. “The Travel Protection Plan” aka The Travel Assurance Plan would decrease your loved ones stress during an emotional time.

“Death Is Inevitable” no one knows the time or moment death will occur. Don’t leave your loved ones in an emotional and unexpected financial situation.

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